Franklin Graham’s Pro-Trump Facebook Post Goes Viral

Franklin Graham: ‘I am grateful to God’ for Trump.

Pastor Franklin Graham has celebrated President Trump as one of the great presidents in history.

Graham’s statement was made after the 2020 election was officially given Joe Biden by the Electoral College.

But Trump not yet decided to concede the 2020 election.

Monday, in an exhaustive and now viral Facebook post, Graham applauded Trump for four great years in Washington. Expressing his disappointment with the election. But said he was grateful to God for Trump’s protection of Christianity and unborn children, for his support of a conservative SCOTUS and Trump’s economic success. Finally ending with gratitude for Trump’s support of military and police.

He also thanked the Vice President for bringing back the greeting of “Merry Christmas” and bringing Christ back into Christmas.

He finished the emotional post with disappointment that more people didn’t vote based on policy vs personality. Then said the President will go down history as one of the greatest American leaders.