Former CIA Chief Says Biden Will Crush Trump ‘Insurgency’

John Brennan, the controversial former CIA leader, is committing to a huge crackdown against Trump supporters and conservatives after the forceful installation of Biden’s liberal regime by the deep state.

Brennan issued the creepy, psychopathic declaration during an interview with MSNBC.

“This is the most relaxed I’ve been during the many inaugurations I’ve been through,” Brennan stated, enjoying the fact that he got away with his crimes without consequence.

“I know that Biden’s team are now maneuvering in laser-like precision to find as much as possible about what seems like the insurgencies we have seen in other countries,” he said.

Brennan is preparing the foundation of treating Trump supporters as ISIS militants, which top officials have been clamoring for. He named “fascists, religious extremists, bigots, authoritarians”, and even the harmless middle of the road libertarians as the sort of “threats” that will be profiled, targeted, and eventually stripped of their rights during the new totalitarian administration.

“I do believe that Homeland Security and defense officials are moving to destroy what looks like a very dire and terrible threat to our nation and democracy,” he said.

The video can be seen below:

This is after the deep state-linked character encouraged the insubordination of the “intel community” when giving a speech at the National Press Club with other top military-industrial figures.

Brennan’s words then and now make it obvious that the elite could not care less about democracy. If the “elected” President’s policy fulfills their agenda, they will go along with it. But if the President’s policy does not fulfill their agenda, as was the case for Trump, they will move to crackdown on everyone possible.