Foreign Media Tycoons Break Taboos – Make Biden’s Mental Decline Known

Can anyone really argue about Joe Biden’s mental decline by now? Every time he appears on camera, he has this bizarre, tired look on his face. Often, he struggles to finish sentences and say basic words. He is forgetful beyond what is acceptable. And, in what is a common system of dementia, he quickly loses his temper at the public.

Yet for some reason, our pathetic media pretends like there is nothing wrong. It is the ultimate version of the Empire’s New Clothes. The MSM thinks that if they don’t mention the many, many times Biden’s showed mental decline, nobody will notice!

These are the same people who, back during the primaries, had no trouble discussing Joe’s decline. Yet in early 2020, the Democratic establishment decided he would be their candidate, so the media immediately clammed up about Joe’s very real issues. But with each passing day, it appears to get worse. Most Americans don’t even think Joe’s in charge.

Worse yet, the foreign media knows something is going on. As American reporters fiddle, Australian news is brutal about Biden’s slipping mental faculties.

President Joe Biden’s mental acuity has declined to such a precipitously low level that he “probably couldn’t find his way home after dark,” according to Sky News Australia…

The cable news network has described Biden as “struggling,” “barely cogent,” and a “human corpse” deep in the stages of progressive “cognitive decline.”

“It’s clear there’s no way that Joe Biden would pass a test to determine his cognitive ability or memory impairment,” said Jones…

“I believe he realizes he isn’t leading the superpower,” replied Costa. “We can rest assured that the American political establishment has some degree of control over policy; I don’t think Joe Biden does.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Wow, this is embarrassing. Not only does Sky News recognize Biden’s declining mental health, they also predict that he isn’t really the one calling the shots. They openly discuss how the “American political establishment” is really controlling Biden’s “policy.”

Hey, if folks all the way in Australia can see that, it’s pretty bad.

We’ve all known for a long time that Biden is not his own man. He ran as a moderate, but quickly become far-left once in office. Leaked audio records revealed that the progressive left threatened Biden shortly before he entered office. They warned him he better obey their demands or they’d “destroy” him.

At the time, Biden wasn’t happy about those threats. But clearly, he took them to heart, since no moderate would run the way he’s been running.

In reality, he’s not running the White House at all. We can’t say how bad it really is (does he just nap in a chair while other people make decisions?), but we all know that Sky News is right. The Democrat elite are the ones setting Biden’s agenda. He just nods and does whatever their handlers tell him to do.

Even Kamala Harris is going along with that plan. A woman that dumb and incompetent is not really pulling the strings. She just along for the ride, laughing nervously in front of the cameras.

The real question is, when will the country wake up and demand answers over this charade of an administration?

Author: Doug Anderson