Florida Surgeon General Slams Fauci for ‘Dehumanzinig’ Americans With Masks

The “pandemic” has been going on for nearly two years. During most of that time, we were forced to wear masks whenever we left our homes. In some cities and states, Americans are still required to put on a mask—and that’s true everywhere if you enter a hospital or airport. But if masks truly helped prevent the spread of COVID, why is it still around?

There seems to be a lack of hard data suggesting these mask mandates are doing anything helpful. But we are seeing that forcing people to cover their faces at all times brings with it devastating consequences. Especially to young children, who we know pose little threat of spreading the disease. Now, Florida’s surgeon general is blasting those who forced us to wear these masks of shame.

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo slammed Dr. Anthony Fauci and other top federal public health officials for dehumanizing the American population through mask mandates.

During a recent interview with Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, Ladapo — who leads the Florida Department of Health — observed that localities with and without mask mandates have seen “similar surges.” He added that “so many leaders right now are essentially data deniers.” […]

“They basically dehumanized the U.S. population,” Ladapo explained. “Instead of being individuals, children, you know, doing the things that make children wonderful — playing, being worry-free, expressing themselves — they sort of put them in this box where they are spreaders of viruses and they have to have their faces covered despite how unnatural that is, without really any high-quality data showing any benefit and lots of data and parental intuition suggesting harm, and tremendous harm. You know, it is completely unnatural.” [Source: Daily Wire]

We’ve yet to see hard evidence that suggests forcing the public to wear masks is doing anything to help. Yet the geniuses in our government continue to force these rules in much of the country. But Florida’s surgeon general is noticing a dangerous trend. He says that these masks are “dehumanizing” the population. And is particularly damaging to our children.

In some states, children are forced to wear masks all the time. While they’re at school, while they’re outside, and for some, while they are at home. This is a morbid and harmful practice. Ladapo noted how children need to learn “facial cues” in their development. We all grew up learning about healthy human interaction by observing other people.

How is this young generation going to grow up well-adjusted, when they are forced to hide most of their faces? On top of this, imagine what harm this is having to their mental health, being told they are virus spreaders that must be punished by wearing a mask?

We all know weird, paranoid adults who refuse to take off masks even while indoors. Despite being perfectly healthy, they prefer to hide in fear. What will happen to an entire generation, who is growing up under the shadow of their parents’ COVID panic? I don’t know, but you better believe it will be devastating.

Author: Sam Manners