FL Residents Get Surprise Of Their Lives At Rally

The events over the last few weeks, both by the government and MSM, seem to have been about turning America against President Donald Trump. Democrats know that Trump is a force to be reckoned with. After all, he got 75 million (real) votes on November 3. So, they had to pull out all the stops to both eject him from office and tarnish his reputation on the way out.

Why do you think they wasted over a month on a doomed impeachment? Why do you think both Pelosi and Schumer are still pursuing avenues to punish Trump over (what appears to be a leftist-organized) riot on Capitol Hill? Even after the FBI proved Trump did not incite the event, Democrats are still using it to attack the man and he’s not even in office anymore!

It’s because they know countless Americans love Trump. Many more than anyone who even likes Joe Biden (if anyone does at all). Trump’s influence over this country will continue, even out of office. It’s more than just the prospect of him running again. Even in 2022, Trump can have a significant impact on the Midterm elections. That is why Democrats are working so hard to tear his image down (and why a few turncoat Republicans have betrayed him—like Nikki Haley).

But Democrats, I have some bad news. It seems like your tactics aren’t working. In fact, some might love Trump more now than ever before.

President Donald Trump dropped in on surprised supporters attending a Presidents Day rally on Monday in Florida.

Trump and his motorcade slowly drove past supporters rallying in West Palm Beach. Video shows the president in the back seat of the vehicle surrounded by cheering supporters holding American and pro-Trump flags while chanting “U-S-A.”

According to Newsweek, there were about 600 people in attendance at the rally. [Source: Daily Wire]

First off, when was the last time you saw anyone gather for a Presidents Day rally? Americans don’t just do that for fun. Clearly, this group of Floridians was out there to celebrate their favorite president, Donald Trump.

And Trump didn’t disappoint. He took a moment to drive past the cheering crowds, who simply flipped out to see his motorcade roll by.

I’m sure that if this scenario played out in various other parts of the country, the crowds would have reacted the same way. What does that tell you about how Americans feel about the man? Do we think he is a failure who incited a riot and betrayed the country? Not even close.

This suggests several things. First, that Americans aren’t done yet with Donald Trump. If over six hundred people can show up for a holiday that nobody normally celebrates, just because they love Trump—then they will want to see and hear from him more.

Second, it means Trump is not done yet with America. He recently suggested he had big plans that will be announced soon. Lindsey Graham and others spoke with him and said he sounds great and is eager to take action. With the 2022 Midterms around the corner, Trump just might be making a few appearances.

And with the left’s sham impeachment over with, Trump is even more empowered than before.