Feds Make Gut-Wrenching Find In Tennessee

Over 100 children were recovered by authorities in the state of Tennessee. During a briefing, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) said Operation Volunteer Strong working with state officials was able to find 150 missing minors of the 240 that are missing in the state. The children range in age from three to 17.

Authorities said three children were possible human trafficking victims and at least one was kidnapped. Currently, the kidnapping suspect has been arrested and two other people connected to the operation have warrants.

TBI agents stated this is only the start of their efforts to stop these kids from falling into dangerous circumstances. Meanwhile, the state’s Department of Children’s Services is giving necessary medical and psychological care to the children recovered.

In addition, police have continued to ask for the public’s help in locating the rest of the missing children through out the state. Officials stated that all cases are still being investigated.