Feds Get Big Warning On Disrespect Of National Guard

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has claimed he would never send National Guard troops to D.C. again if they are “disrespected” with a humiliating vetting process like the one they are experiencing before inauguration.

“This is the most offensive thing I’ve ever seen,” Abbott said in a tweet, pointing followers to an article about officials vetting troops for extremist links ahead of Wednesday’s inauguration event for President-elect Biden.

“The loyalty and professionalism of a National Guard member should never be question.” he went on. “I gave permission for more than 1,000 to go to Washington. I’ll never do that again if they’re disrespected in this way.”

Authorities have started a vetting initiative for the 25,000 troops stationed in D.C., because of anxiety of an “insider attack” this Inauguration Day.

Officials claim they have no evidence of any direct threats or attacks being planned.

“While we have no intel showing an insider threat, we are conducting a thorough search to guarantee the security of the capital,” Christopher Miller, the acting Defense Secretary, said.

Two National Guard troops have reportedly been removed after authorities found they were linked to “fringe groups.”

Abbott’s message comes after DNC Rep. Steve Cohen claimed he is worried about the National Guard protecting the inauguration because the military branch is “more conservative” and mostly comprised of males.

“They are 90-percent male. Only around 20% of white men are Biden voters. You have to count that into the Guard, which is mostly right-leaning, and I see that on the internet … they’re possibly no more than 25% of the troops who are protecting us that voted for Biden,” Cohen claimed this Monday.

“The other 75% are in the big class of people who may want to do something. And there were military members who made oaths to protect the Constitution but who broke that oath when they took part in the Capitol Hill insurrection. So it does worry me,” he said.