Feds Admit They Are ‘Chilling’ The 1st Amendment

A federal prosecutor named Michael Sherwin has admitted on CBS news that he wanted to charge as many protesters as possible with no regard to the evidence in order to “chill” the 1st Amendment rights of conservatives.

“After the Capitol riot, there was an inauguration of course coming on the 20th. So our team wanted to guarantee that we had shock and awe and that we could charge as many individuals as we could before the inauguration,” Sherwin said to CBS.

He went on: “And it succeeded because from what we saw through social media, people were scared to come back to Washington because they posted, “If we go there, we’ll get get charged.”’

Sherwin said the feds targeted people who were “viral stars” regardless of if they truly broke the law or committed violence.

“The first individuals we went for, I will call the internet stars. The so-called rebel flag guy, the Camp Auschwitz guy and the zip-tie guy. We wanted to target those people who were bragging about what they did,” Sherwin said.


Conservatives have talked about how the deep-state is using the events of Jan. 6 to destroy civil liberties and lock down D.C. permanently with troops. Now we have proof.

The Biden administration is ignoring illegals while focusing their attention on conservatives. This is a sad situation for the land of the free.

Author: Blake Ambrose