Federal Officers Harass Republicans At Biden’s Command

A couple from Alaska is continuing to be targeted by FBI officials after they went to the rally for then-President Trump in DC on Jan. 6, and the two told reporters this week that they feel as though they’re on a terrorist watch list even though they never got close to going inside the Capitol on that day.

Marilyn and Paul Hueper previously revealed how they had their house ransacked by FBI agents previously in the year. They had computers and phones taken and even had a small copy of the U.S. Constitution stolen from them.

This happened after the feds had reportedly mistook Marilyn for someone else who took Nancy Pelosi’s laptop during the Capitol event.

The Huepers were adamant that they were innocent, and by all looks, they are.

No charges were pushed after the couple used their First Amendment right for assembly so they could watch and listen to Donald Trump that day. Still, they revealed, they were harassed as they were traveling recently

The two spoke about a terrible Orwellian run-in with Biden’s FBI during their interview with Fox’s Laura Ingraham.

Ingraham brought the couple in by playing a video of GOP member Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio recently pushing FBI Director Chris Wray for more information about the treatment of the Hueper couple.

“You forced your way into their door. You kept them at gun point, handcuffed them then interrogated them for hours, took their laptop and phone and you seized their copy of the Constitution. Why would you take their Constitution?” Jordan asked.

Wray informed Jordan that he couldn’t talk about the case. To which the Republican congressman responded: “Is it the FBI’s habit to take Constitutions from Americans that you are interrogating?”

“We just took the evidence that was connected to that is in the search warrant affidavit,” Wray said.

Ingraham took note that the affidavit was to seek out information about the “state of mind” concerning the investigation into the two.

Paul Hueper then revealed that beyond these problems in their home, the two traveled over the weekend and experienced harassment at multiple airports. The man said the FBI will not let them go despite knowing they did committed no crime.

“We just traveled and every part of our luggage was torn apart. We missed multiple flights on our to San Francisco for a funeral and a wedding. And they went through it all, piece by piece,” he said.

These agencies are now run by deep-state liberals who have unchecked power for political discrimination and abuse of their offices now they have been given free rein to use their power go after people for thinking in the “wrong way.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire