Federal Judge Annihilates Biden’s Plans

U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton has stopped President Biden’s attempt to end deportations for his initial 100 days in office, which was among his campaign promises to undo Trump’s work on immigration.

Biden’s White House was drug into court over their deportation ban by Texas A.G. Ken Paxton, who said the moratorium went against federal law and risked additional costs to the state, according to the AP.

The AP further said that Tipton, a Trump appointee, declared on January 26 that Biden’s deportation pause went against federal law on procedure and that he failed to show why a pause was justified. Even with Biden trying to go forward with his new immigration agenda, deportations have continued.

“This initial injunction is enacted nationwide and forbids implementation of the pause in every location Defendants have jurisdiction to implement it,” Tipton wrote in his ruling.

Biden’s promise has been a major motivator for causing migrants to try to enter America, believing they will have an easier time to get inside and to stay.

“This is my hope with the 100 days of no deportations. Biden said if we could not return back to our country that we would be granted asylum,” a migrant in Tijuana, Mexico said to reporters