FBI Raids Trump Allies — You Won’t Believe What They Found

This week, federal agents went to the union’s Manhattan offices and Mullins’ Long Island home, doing searches as part of their investigation of which is unclear, in a message sent to members announcing his resignation, Mullins said that President Trump was “apparently the target” of this probe.

The growing firestorm caused the SBA to request that Mullins should step down. “Given the severity of this issue and the uncertainty about its outcome, the SBA Board has asked for President Mullins to resign from his spot as President of the SBA. This evening, President Mullins has agreed to hand over his resignation as SBA President,” the group said in a letter.

The union, which is among the biggest in the country, also said that “We have no reason to think that any other SBA member is targeted in this way.”

The FBI is staying tight-lipped about the issue with a spokesperson for the bureau stating that agents were “carrying out a police action in connection with an investigation,” according to the NY Daily News.

“A parade of agents from the FBI, with boxes and black garbage bags, emerged from the offices and put their cargo into a minivan before driving off. One of the boxes seemed to have a hard drive, and another was filled with what seemed to be electronics being removed hours after the news of the FBI probe went public,” the Daily News reported.

Mullins was a supporter of former President Trump who was endorsed by the union in 2020. “Your vote is your choice,” he said to Fox News. “I just ask you remember that is more than a choice between two men.”

“It’s a choice between world views that will have a direct impact on officers across the country,” he said.

His style was marked by using the SBA Twitter account to go against politicians and get him a considerable list of enemies, like Mayor Bill de Blasio whom he usually slammed.

Author: Steven Sinclaire