FBI Plays Startling Role In Colorado Shooting, See How…

The man captured and jailed for killing 10 Americans at a store in Boulder, Colorado this week was on the FBI’s radar and was linked to another person that FBI agents were investigating.

“The suspect was known to the FBI because he was connected to another person under investigation, according to officials,” The NYT says. “Court documents reveal he was born in 1999, in Syria, and his Facebook page gives his full name as Ahmad Al Aliwi Issa.”

Al Aliwi Issa was allowed to legally buy a firearm and pass a background check just six days prior to his shooting.

Al Aliwi Issa’s Facebook profile, before being removed, was full of posts mentioning “Islamaphobia” and he greatly criticized Trump’s work to stop terrorism. The FBI is still saying a motive is not known.

Author: Scott Dowdy