FBI Makes Jaw-Dropping Admission About Left-Wing Violence

During the strangely named “Summer of Love,” looting, riots and political violence was done by radical liberals and anti-whites under the Antifa and BLM banners. The violent liberals besieged federal locations, local businesses, police, and innocent citizens with deadly and costly results.

Joe Biden and other Dems ignored the violence for political reasons in a shocking show of hypocritical double standards. In many cases, Dems even encouraged more liberal violence. As it turns out, the FBI ignored the people carrying out the riots too.

In a congressional hearing recently called “Confronting Violent White Supremacy,” Timothy Langan, the FBI Assistant Director for Counterterrorism stated that his agency does not consider Antifa to be an “organization,” and does not have specific details about the group’s activities.

In reply to a question about how much domestic terrorism or violence Antifa committed in previous years from Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-SC), Langan couldn’t answer.

“In the anti-government category of domestic terrorism — would groups like BLM or Antifa, people who commit violence acts, be considered domestic terrorism?” Mace said.

“Well, we don’t look at groups but individuals’ actions,” Langan said. “So if a person is committing actions that would be in pushing anti-government ideals then that would fall into the category.”

“So would you quantify Antifa as an anti-government group under that subcategory?” Mace pressed. “I mean, it is an anarchist group, correct?”

“The director has previously said they were a ‘movement’ and there were individuals that have been identified with Antifa that have committed acts of violence that we would say are anarchist,” was all that Langan could offer for the “movement” of Antifa.

Mace continued, asking “how many violent acts or domestic terrorism acts has Antifa done over the past two years?”

Again, Langan had nothing to say. “Since we do not categorize Antifa, nor do we collate data on Antifa, that movement, we don’t have this,” said the FBI domestic terrorism official. “But we can give you information on anarchist cases and threats in general.”

So not only did Democrat mayors allow their so-called autonomous zones to turn into festering pits of filth and crime. Now it turns out the country’s top police agency does not even have the information on Antifa violence and apparently arrested less than 100 individuals for engaging in real anti-government rioting and violence.

Author: Blake Ambrose