FBI Cornered By Republicans For January 6th Role, Their Response Is Shocking

Jill Sanborn, the FBI’s National Security Branch executive assistant director was not able to give answers during a Senate Committee about the possible involvement of federal informants in the 2021 Capitol riot.

In the hearing, Republican Senator Ted Cruz (TX) asked Sanborn this Tuesday, “How many FBI agents or informants actively participated in the January 6th events?”

“Sir, I am sure you can appreciate that I cannot go into the details of methods and sources…,” Sanborn started to answer.

“Did any FBI agents or informants actively have a part in the January 6th events? Yes or no?” Ted Cruz interjected.

“Sir, I cannot answer that,” Sanborn responded.

“Did any FBI informants and agents actively work and incite violence on Jan. 6th?” Ted Cruz pressed.

“Sir, I cannot answer that,” Sanborn said.

Cruz then asked Sanborn about Ray Epps, who was seen many times on January 5 and 6 attempting to instigate the crowd before the riot happened at the Capitol building. To date, Epps was not arrested or charged with anything.

“On the night of Jan. 5, 2021, Epps wandered around in the crowd on video and told people tomorrow we need to get inside the Capitol, inside the Capitol. This was weird behavior, so weird that the crowd started chanting, ‘Fed! Fed! Fed!’ Ms. Sanborn was Ray Epps an FBI agent?” Cruz asked.

“Sir I cannot answer the question,” Sanborn said for a third time.

“My question is that is not an ordinary police question, this is a question about accountability — did federal agents or people in the service of agents actively encourage criminal conduct on Jan. 6th?” Ted Cruz asked again.

“Not to my knowledge,” Sanborn said.

A spokesperson for the Select Committee to Investigate the Jan. 6th Attack on the United States Capitol issued the comment on Epps:

“The Select Committee knows of unsupported accusations that Ray Epps was an FBI informant since he was on the Wanted list and then removed from the list without getting charged. The Select Committee has spoken to Mr. Epps. Mr. Epps told us that he was not employed with, or acting with law enforcement agency on Jan. 5th or 6th or any other time, and that he was never an FBI informant.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire