Fauci Turns On Biden – Reveals What’s Really Going On At The Border

Oh, Anthony Fauci. When all this is over, will we ever again have a man so praised by the media, but so often wrong?

The left-leaning media rallied around this raspy, unpleasant man, mostly because he agreed to say everything they wanted him to. At the outset of the pandemic, he was a top government health official, spreading the worse doom-and-gloom imaginable. Very rarely did he ever offer a balanced approach. Instead, he made this thing look like the end of the world.

Which is why the media still point to this guy, even as he’s been outed as a fraud.

A big example of Fauci’s phoniness has been his stance on the border. For over a year, Fauci has demanded that Americans shipwreck their lives, hiding in their homes, to avoid spreading the China virus. He had even dismissed our immeasurable suffering as “inconvenient” at one point. I guess he thinks this virus is so bad, we need to stay in lockdown forever?

Except, when it came to the border, the man was silent. Biden was cramming migrants in cages, releasing many untested. Yet Fauci said it wasn’t his job to comment (after commenting on everything else).

Finally, the man has been forced to admit that his boss is breaking all the rules.

White House chief medical adviser Anthony Fauci on Thursday conceded in a tense exchange with Louisiana Republican Rep. Steve Scalise that the Biden administration is violating major Centers for Disease Control and Prevention coronavirus guidelines by packing countless illegal immigrants into relatively small facilities without enforcing social distancing or masking measures…

Holding up pictures of densely packed immigration facilities, Scalise asked Fauci: “Dr. Fauci, does this look like social distancing to you that you require when you talk about six feet?”

“No,” Fauci replied…

“Do you think that sends the right message to America — [where] people are trying to recover and get back to their way of life — that if you’re a citizen, you follow this set of rules, but if you come here illegally, you don’t have to follow any of your rules?” Scalise asked further.

“No doubt it’s a very difficult situation at the border, Congressman Scalise,” Fauci fudged, arguing later that “everyone would like to see the situation get fixed.” [Source: Just the News]

It’s really hard to swallow what this guy says. Only after Rep. Scalise forced Fauci to look at photos of Biden’s cages full of aliens, did Fauci admit that it was not in compliance with the CDC’s rules.

But when pressed further, Fauci tried to defend Biden, saying the situation was “difficult.”

Oh, that’s all? It’s “difficult” so it’s okay for Biden to ignore all the rules he demands the rest of us follow?

Can the rest of us just flout those rules at work, home, or school and just write it off as “difficult”? I find it “difficult” to buy that this Fauci guy even knows what he talks about. Does that mean I can just ignore what he’s saying? It’s “difficult” to wear a mask when I face little risk from COVID. Can I just throw these stupid things away?

I wonder if anyone else in the media will bother to call out Fauci for his hypocrisy and doubletalk? Probably not.

Author: James Anderson