Fauci Slips — Reveals His Next Move To Target Unvaccinated Americans

Dr. Anthony Fauci hinted on Sunday that people who stay unvaccinated should not be allowed to work or go to in-person school until they decide to get a vaccination against Coronavirus.

Fauci, a Washington covid advisor, went on CBS’s “Face the Nation” to talk about the pandemic with anchor Margaret Brennan. During the interview, Brennan brought up President Biden’s intention, mentioned last month but not yet put into place, to use OSHA to force employers with over 100 employees to guarantee their workers get vaccinated or get a weekly coronavirus test.

“Was this just a stunt?” Brennan asked. “Are you seeing businesses follow through even without a legal mandate file?”

After mentioning “legal issues” being a roadblock, Fauci praised companies and universities that have created mandates to target the unvaccinated.

“Well certainly, if you take universities right now, we have had, I believe, Margaret, almost a thousand or more universities saying that if you want real time classes, you must get vaccinated or you can’t come. And there are companies that are doing that. Look at the airlines, the mandate where you have 99% of some airline’s employees who are now vaccinated.”

“So when you do this, when you say to people there are alternatives, that if you don’t want to get vaccinated, you are not going to work or you are not gonna be able to go to school, I believe that the emergent nature of what we are dealing with actually does justify this.”

Fauci said to Brennan during this same interview that he supported Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom’s mandate for kids, to whom Covid-19 poses almost no statistical risk, and also suggested that it was “just too soon to say” whether people, vaccinated or not, should gather for Christmas.

Though the White House covid advisor has showed support for mandates recently, last year and as late as April of this year he was saying something else entirely.

With more Americans growing tired of Democrats’ double-standards and ongoing lies about science, it is only a matter of time before they start ignoring liberals all together.

Author: Steven Sinclaire