Fauci Is Bizarrely Silent After Trump Official Reveals This ‘Plot Hole’

Dr. Fauci has always been happy to talk about a range of topics whenever he thinks there might be even the slightest coronavirus connection.

He warned us about holiday arrangements, going to sporting events, going without masks even if vaccinated, letting maskless kids play together, and a lot more.

But he has not said anything about the border issue, where our border is being flooded with thousands of illegals forcing their way into the nation. This crisis has raised covid questions in the minds of many watchers.

How many of these illegals have the coronavirus? Are officials even attempting to test them? Have they released covid-positive people into the country?

Fauci’s silence has not gone without some taking notice. One person leading the fight to call out Fauci’s double standard is the man who was chief of staff to former President Trump.

Mark Meadows had this to say this week on Twitter: “There was no policy that Dr. Fauci would not talk about when President Trump was in office,” Meadows wrote. “Strangely, we haven’t heard from that same Dr. Fauci about Biden releasing thousands of untested migrants into the country.”

Meadows is not the only Fauci skeptic to mention the doctor’s refusal to talk about the border situation.
Alabama GOP Rep. Mo Brooks and a number of other GOP lawmakers sent a message to Fauci on March 12 requesting that he use his influence to stop “a dangerous new foreign inflow for covid” along the southern border.

The letter said that President Biden’s dangerous policy of catch-and-release at the border has triggered an increase in crossings, exposing “the lack of uniform testing procedures or quarantine protocols — despite Mexico now being the highest per capita covid country in Latin America.”

Fauci, the lawmakers said, was “in a unique spot to give recommendations based on evidence for what you believe to be best practices when it comes to containing the virus — something you have never hesitated to do.” Yet, Fauci has still kept silent.

Author: Blake Ambrose