Fauci Fail–the ‘Expert’s’ Approval Is Worse Than Lying Biden

We’re not sure if anyone truly liked hearing from so-called COVID expert Anthony Fauci. Even at the outset of the pandemic, his colleagues warned the man was too dramatic and negative about his predictions. And most of those predictions never came true. Despite that, the media and Democrats continued to look to this man for direction, even as his recommendations crippled our society.

But his star fell quickly over the last year. It was revealed that he lied to the American public. Fauci was also connected to “gain of function” research in Wuhan that could have created the very virus he was supposed to be fighting. Then there was the awful revelation that he supported cruel, inhumane “research” on puppies in Africa. Can this guy get any worse? Oh, yeah. He insulted a senator during a public hearing, cursing him out.

Now, it seems like all that bad blood has come back to hurt Fauci.

Less than one-third of voters trust coronavirus information coming from Dr. Anthony Fauci, a NewsNation survey released this week revealed.

The survey, taken this week among more than 1,000 registered voters, asked residents, “When it comes to information about COVID-19, which of the following sources would you say you trust?” asking them to select all that apply…

Fauci, the White House chief medical adviser and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, only has the trust of 30.8 percent of American voters. [Source: Breitbart]

Not even one-third of Americans trust what Fauci says about the virus. That is worse than Biden’s approval, which one recent poll has at 33%. This is a man who has been working for the federal government for decades. Someone that has been a fixture of the American media for two years. A man that has appeared before Congress countless times to testify about COVID and our response.

Yet he can’t even get half of America to trust him! Does that surprise you at all? The man, from the very start, urged medieval-style lockdowns and quarantines, despite research before 2020 that warned against those very practices. This is a man who puts politics ahead of medical science. Who sold out his profession and oath to “do no harm” to pander to the left and help destroy a presidential administration.

Reports have come out that revealed he deliberately misled the Trump administration. He’d tell his task team one thing, then go out to the media and say another. He contradicted President Trump as he worked to secure a vaccine, saying there was no way that a vaccine could be produced within a year. Then, when Biden was president, Fauci pushed the vaccine and the Democrat’s mandates.

Does that sound like someone the American people should trust? The same poll revealed only 15.5% of voters trust Biden on COVID information. At least Fauci is beating him on that level.

Who did voters trust the most? Their actual doctor, at 63.2%. That sounds reasonable.

Author: Bo Dogan