Fauci Exposed For Funding Insane Monkeys Experiments

The NIAID gave researchers over $200,000 for them to investigate HIV rates in transgenders by injecting hormones into monkeys.

Overseen by Dr. Fauci since 1984, the NIAID gave the Scripps Research Institute around $205,562 in funding to look at why transgenders have high HIV rates, the Washington Free Beacon has reported. To do this, monkeys were given female hormones.

“This study is a total waste of time and precious funds,” Katherine Roe, who is a neuroscientist working for PETA, said in a comment provided to us.

“HIV and AIDS thrives in the side areas of society, where lower education and poverty increases people’s vulnerability to the HIV virus,” the description for this study says. “No people are more harmed than transgender people.”

Roe said that by given these monkeys with “hormones to then lead to transgender monkeys” to “see how this affects the transmission of the HIV virus,” the study will “lead to nothing good for human beings, and there is no value in this study.”

“Only humans get HIV and develop AIDS,” Roe stated. “Monkeys do not.”

A spokesperson for Scripps explained that the study was about “a sub-population of individuals at greater risk of getting HIV, and factors that might or might not affect their response to treatment approach in development.”

The research mentions transgender women (TGW), “people who were given a male sex but show their gender through a feminine spectrum,” as having a greater risk of getting HIV/AIDS.

“A key piece of gender changes in TGW is the feminizing hormone therapy (FHT), in which the top drug is hormone estradiol,” the study says. “Although the female traits caused by FHT are well known, less is understood about the immune system effects of FHT in TGW.”

“It is through these kinds of targeted studies that progress against cancer, HIV, ALS, dementia and most diseases will be made,” Scripps said to the outlet.

Since managing the operations of the group, Fauci was slammed for past studies involving animals. In Oct., Dem and GOP lawmakers sent a message to Fauci and President Biden demanding answers about the alleged testing on 44 puppies.

Author: Steven Sinclaire