Fauci Desperately Tries To Cover Up The Truth — But It’s Too Late

Emails reveal Dr. Fauci rushed February 1, 2020, to find out if the United States had any possible role in funding covid research “abroad.”

The NIAID Deputy Director Auchincloss replied to a message from Fauci, saying it is “vital” the two talk about a paper about “experiments… done before the gain of function halt.”

“The paper you sent speaks of experiments done before the gain of function halting but have been approved by NIH,” Auchincloss said to Fauci. “Not sure of the meaning of that since Emily is saying no covid work went through P3. She will decide if we have any connections to this work abroad.”

Some months later, the person responsible for sending U.S. funding toward the Wuhan Institution of Virology, Peter Daszak, thanked Dr. Fauci for dismissing the theory about the coronavirus possibly leaking from a lab.

“I just wish to thank you for standing up and saying the evidence supports a natural source for the virus from a bat-to-human move, not a lab,” Daszak said.

But Kevin Olival, a scientist that works for Daszak’s employer, EcoHealth Alliance, got a letter on April 19th of 2020 from Dr. Lauer, the deputy director for extramural research at the NIH which informed Olival about the possibility of a lab leak being under investigation.

And yet, President Biden has canceled former A.G. Bill Barr’s DOJ investigation into the issue, while asking his intel. agency cronies to investigate the matter.

Biden’s Director of National Intelligence stated on May 27 that covid coming from a Chinese lab could exist.

Meanwhile, Fauci, on May 25, said the NIH funded the Chinese Wuhan lab, but he is still denying gain of function research in relation to the source of the virus.

Republican Senator Rand Paul (KY) responded on May 25 that Dr. Fauci was guilty of perjury on May 12 for his gain of function testimony.

Author: Steven Sinclaire