Fallout From Afghanistan Disaster Finally Hits Biden – And Boy Does It Hit Hard

If you were an American with at least half a brain, you knew Joe Biden was a failure pretty early on. And by early on, I mean the first day he entered office.

Over the eight months of his presidency, Biden manufactured one crisis after another. It was as if he had orders to make America as weak and miserable as possible. The country is struggling, thanks to his reckless decisions. But for a long time, many people refused to see it.

All that changed with Afghanistan. Even the most diehard liberal has to admit Biden abandoned the country—and thousands of Americans. To this day, hundreds of U.S. citizens were left stranded. And a terrorist attack left many hurt or killed.

We’ve seen the numbers. Biden’s approval is in the toilet. But now, even liberal-aligned polls are giving him some bad news.

Between August 2 and August 30, Biden’s net approval numbers among Democrats dropped from 79 to 66. Among independents, they dropped from negative 11 to negative 25. Among Hispanics, they dropped from +25 to +6. Among Asians and American Pacific Islanders, they dropped from 51 to 21.

In the Civiqs poll, Biden’s disapproval numbers soared by August 31 to 50%, the highest of his presidency. Significantly, 58% of Independents disapproved of the way Joe Biden is handling his job as president. Another interesting note — one of the two states with the highest disapproval numbers for Biden, at 74%, was West Virginia, the home of the key player in any attempt to stem the leftists in the Democratic Party, Senator Joe Manchin. [Source: Daily Wire]

The ”Navigator poll,” which openly admits to being a “progressive” resource, reveals that Biden’s approval among Democrats is plummeting. Key demographics he needs to survive are also turning their backs on him, including independents and Hispanics.

The Civiqs poll has even worse news, as 58% of independents disapprove of Biden’s presidency. And amazingly, 74% of West Virginia voters disapprove of Biden. That’s so important, because their Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin will be even more likely to oppose Biden’s agenda, knowing his supporters back home are so angry.

But does all this really matter, in light of the tragedies unfolding in Afghanistan and America? Biden’s failures go well beyond political numbers. And, after all, very few Americans even believe he’s going to be around by 2024—so do these dropping numbers amount to anything?

Yes, yes they do. Because just around the corner there will be a midterm election. The entire House will be up for re-election as well as many Senate seats. And let’s not forget the many state and local elections going on at the same time. Joe Biden is the face of the Democratic Party. And he just showed the country his true colors, an uncaring, callous man who left thousands of Americans stranded in a hostile land.

Americans are waking up to the fact that Biden is a weak leader under the control of the progressive left. His corruption and America-last policies are hurting us every day. The only way to check his madness is to elect Republicans to Congress.

And these numbers suggest even liberal voters will be eager to do it.

Author: Alexander Smith