Facebook Targets Conservatives In Horrifying New Way

The former Facebook chief security officer, Alex Stamos, said to CNN on Sunday that something must happen to stop conservatives from reaching tens of millions of Americans. 

“People have so many options now,” Stamos said. “They can select their news sources. They can decide which influencers to follow, and they can block out anything that causes them to question that.”

Liberals hate competition. What they really want is one source of truth, like the one AOC is calling for. That way, controlling the narrative would be easier for them.

Stamos went on to call for conservative voices to be deleted from social media in the same way that ISIS videos are deleted. 

“I think there are two steps,” Stamos continued. “One, there should be purposeful work by tech companies, working together on violent extremist content the same way they do on ISIS content.” 

Stamos remembered how Facebook and other companies worked with government officials to delete ISIS propaganda, saying the same thing is needed with conservatives. 

“Second, we have to lesson the ability of conservative influencers to speak to huge audiences,” Stamos explained. “There are influencers on YouTube, for example, that have a bigger audience than CNN and they are very radical in pushing extreme views.”

So what? Does the Constitution say Americans must be forced to watch CNN? The final step in his devious plan includes pushing cable companies to remove Newsmax and OANN from their lineups.

“And then we’re going to have to solve the Newsmax and OANN problem,” said the Orwellian executive. “These networks have free speech but we don’t need Verizon, Comcast and AT&T bringing that speech to tens of millions of Americans. Allowing people to seek out information if they want but not forcing it on them I think is where we need to go here.” 

Of course, if no one can watch a channel, the business won’t last long. Which is what they want. Besides, Google is already ensuring you can’t find certain information. Liberals don’t mind conservative speech, so long as no one consumes it.