Exposed: Democrats’ Secret ‘Agreement’ With Teachers

The GOP is demanding answers from the CDC after reports which reveal teachers’ unions influenced school re-openings instead of hard science. This week, House Republican leaders reportedly wrote a letter to the CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, asking for her to respond to these reports.

This came after the NY Post reported about the emails, which seem to suggest that the American Federation of Teachers pushed the CDC to keep lockdowns in place. Then, earlier this week, Press Secretary Jen Psaki denied there was anything weird about the discussions by saying it was “standard practice.”

“It’s actually a long-time practice for the CDC to work with groups that will be impacted by recommendations given by the agency,” Psaki said. “It does not mean they are getting everything they want, but it is important for them to know the implementation components.”

However, GOP members say there is evidence that the CDC has not been completely open about its links with the teachers’ unions and they are concerned the agency has become politicized.

Author: Blake Ambrose