Explosive Device Found At Republican Headquarters

Source: RNC

An explosive device has allegedly been found at RNC headquarters in Washington on the same day protesters broke through the Capitol Building.

Citing anonymous sources, The NY Times said the device was “a pipe bomb” that was deactivated by a bomb squad according to an RNC official.

Harmeet Dhillon, an RNC member for California stated that two pipe bombs were found and destroyed.

The Times added that nearby DNC headquarters was cleared of people after the discovery of this device.

Both locations are only blocks away from the Capitol building, where chaos erupted as apparent supporters of President Trump protested the counting of the Electoral vote.

Some protestors broke into the Capitol Building itself, which led to the vote count being stopped and causing the area to go into lockdown.

Capitol Police rushed to escort members of Congress away.

VP Mike Pence, who was leading the vote count, condemned the violence and said anyone breaking the law would be prosecuted.

“The violence taking place at the Capitol must stop. Anyone involved must respect police and immediately leave.” Pence said.

Trump also release numerous tweets asking protesters to be peaceful and listen to Capitol Police.

Later in the afternoon, President Trump released a video requesting his supporters “go home” peacefully.

“I know you’re hurt and pain,” Trump said. “Our election was stolen. It was a landslide and we all know it.”

“But you we need peace now. So please go home” he said. “We need law and order. We should respect our great police. We don’t want anybody hurt.” 

“This was a stolen election, but we can’t give the Democrats what they want. So go home. We love you,” Trump added.