Ex-cop, Liberal NYC Mayor Asks Residents to Spy on Police Officers

It’s not a stretch to say that voters in New York elected Eric Adams mayor because of his history as an NYPD captain. The previous mayor, leftist Bill de Blasio, made a name for himself by defunding the police. The radical activist slashed the police’s budget by $1 billion. The result was a surge in crime the likes of which the city hadn’t seen since the 1970s.

Maybe voters thought Adams would actually restore law and order in a city that’s been in decline for years. But it doesn’t seem to be that way. Crime continues to be a constant problem in New York. But what is the mayor doing? Asking residents to rat out cops who are using their phones.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is asking residents to send pictures of police officers staring at their cellphone instead of looking for subway crime – an effort to ensure those added to NYPD’s subway-system patrol to curb a crime surge are doing their job.

“We are going to start taking very aggressive actions to make sure police are patrolling our subway system and and not patrolling their iPhones,” he said Wednesday, about two weeks after the worst shooting the NYC subway history. “You are going to see a visual difference in policing in the next couple of weeks.”

Adams is asking commuters to take pictures of on-duty cops scrolling their iPhones and send them to him. [Source: Just the News]

Just to be clear, the mayor isn’t asking residents to take pictures of actual crimes. Nor does he want them reporting crime. He is simply turning the people of New York against the one group working to keep them safe.

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. But they can also lie. What if a cop is using his phone in order to call in help? What if he’s taking down a report or using it to assist someone in need? A photograph can become very misleading, especially if the context is taken out.

But Adams doesn’t seem to understand that. Or he does and this is really about attacking the NYPD, rather than helping them do their job.

I find it hilarious that the mayor thinks that spying on the cops is going to help them do their job better. As if the real problem in New York are cops sitting around staring at iPhones. Not radical Democrats passing laws that put criminals back on the streets and slash police budgets.

An unprecedented number of cops have left the force, both in NY and other states. Democrats like Adams are making it very clear that hard-working police are neither welcomed nor respected in their cities.

This, of course, will only lead to more crime. Not that Adams seems to care.

Author: Bo Dogan