Even Obama Is Questioning Biden’s Ability To Lead Right Now

Joe Biden’s administration is in freefall. Over the last eight months, we’ve seen him fail again and again. He has not succeeded on any issue since entering office. In fact, everything he does seems to result in disaster.

But perhaps the very worst thing he’s done is withdraw all our troops from Afghanistan. After working to preserve the peace for over 20 years, we’ve lost the country to a terrorist regime, the Taliban. This is perhaps the biggest failure of a president in over 50 years. And it is outraging Americans.

A crowd has gathered outside the White House over the developments in Afghanistan as the Taliban has taken over the country while President Joe Biden vacations at Camp David…

Biden is expected to leave Camp David on Wednesday, and then head to his Delaware residence for his summer holiday, the Washington Times reported. [Source: Just the News]

Hundreds of people have gathered outside the White House to protest Biden’s disastrous moves in Afghanistan. For good reason. These aren’t just Afghan citizens who mourn the fall of their homeland. American soldiers fought and died to liberate Afghanistan and to help build it into a free nation. All that hard work and sacrifice was lost, when Biden ignored advice from countless leaders, just to get some press.

And on top of that, Biden refuses to show his face in the midst of all this. He was vacationing at Camp David and plans to hide out in Delaware. What a great and awesome leader—who refuses to admit to his failures.

But that’s not the end of Biden’s troubles. Numerous leaders are calling out his terrible decision. And now, a former Obama official is blasting him.

The fall of Afghanistan has shocked Obama’s former ambassador to such a degree that he is now questioning President Joe Biden’s ability to lead the nation.

Speaking with The Spokesman-Review, Ryan Crocker, who served as Obama’s ambassador from 2011 to 2012, lamented that the Biden administration failed to see the Taliban’s swift takeover when preparing for the withdrawal from Afghanistan…

“I’m left with some grave questions in my mind about his ability to lead our nation as commander-in-chief,” Crocker said. “To have read this so wrong – or, even worse, to have understood what was likely to happen and not care.” [Source: Breitbart]

That is a question we can ask about every decision Biden has made as president. Did he not realize the damage it would have done? How could he not? Doesn’t he have advisors and experts to explain these things to him?

What we are left with is the question, does he not care about the consequences of his stupid and rash decisions? Biden seems to stumble from one crisis to the next, his terrible decisions making things so much worse.

It’s hard not to wonder what Biden is thinking. Even an Obama official, who is no friend of conservatives, is questioning Biden’s ability to lead. This is not a Trump spokesperson, mind you, but a Democrat who criticized Donald Trump and is part of the liberal establishment. For him to be questioning Biden is serious.

Perhaps we’ll see the tide finally turn against this sham of a president.

Author: Joe Smith