Even Joe Scarborough Is Piling on After Biden Fails to Stand Up to Putin

Numerous Republicans spoke out against Biden after his disastrous remarks about Russia. It’s clear that Putin is amassing a force along the border of Ukraine. Many foreign policy experts have warned that Russia could invade the nation any day now. The State Department is trying to give a strong stance against any attempts, to avoid conflict.

And Biden goes ahead and essentially gives Putin a green light.

What he said suggests that America would not stop Russia from a “minor incursion” against Ukraine. Is there such a thing as a “minor” attack on a foreign land? The White House press department had to hastily write a clarification, but the damage was done. Many fear what now might happen, after Biden’s idiotic words.

Even MSNBC’s hosts had to comment.

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Thursday reacted to President Joe Biden’s remarks regarding the rising tension between Ukraine and Russia.

Scarborough called it a “terrible moment” for Biden because it would only exacerbate Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping seeing him as “weak.”

“…There is no minor incursion. There is separation among the NATO allies and ourselves on Russia,” Scarborough outlined. “…Biden seemed as weak from Russia, China and our allies on Afghanistan. If he’s seen as being weak on Ukraine, we’ll be back here six months from now talking about that minor incursion into Taiwan. The whole world is watching. Afghanistan set a poor precedent for Joe Biden.” [Source: Breitbart]

It seems the straw has broken the camel’s back. The liberal media seem far less eager to defend Biden’s stupidity, as he fumbles from one failure to another. Once upon a time, they would have joined Biden in spinning his mess of a presser. But now, with Russia eager to invade Ukraine and China on the verge of annexing Taiwan, the stakes are too high to play make-believe.

Scarborough can’t be considered a smart, clever commentator. He often comes across as a Democrat cheer-leader. During the Trump administration, he was essentially a mouthpiece for the DNC, slandering Trump just to make the left look good. But even he can’t paper over what Biden said, and the devastating fallout that might come.

His comments about Russia and China are not unfounded. These nations are drooling over foreign lands to conquer. It’s up to NATO to ensure democracy and peace are maintained around the world. But with Joe at the wheel, we can’t be confident of this. A strong hand is needed to keep such power-hungry nations in check.

And Joe Biden is not the man to do it.

Source: Sam Bitwell