Even Disaster-Ridden States Want Nothing To Do With Biden – And This Proves It

When a maniac plowed an SUV into a Christmas parade, killing innocent victims including children, Joe Biden did nothing. His office claimed he was “too busy,” even though he was travelling through the area around the same time. It’s these kinds of cruel, dismissive acts toward the American people that have caused Biden’s approval to be in the gutter.

Biden pushes an unpopular, dangerous agenda. He ignores what Americans are saying to do the bidding of his progressive aides and special interest groups. Only when it’s convenient for him (or his plans) does he bother showing up. Like when he visited tornado-ravaged Kentucky, to complain about “climate change.”

But the folks who just lost their homes did not consider Biden’s visit a “ray of hope.” Instead, they let him know what they really thought.

Democrat President Joe Biden was met with shouts of “Let’s go, Brandon!” on Wednesday as he surveyed damage from a recent tornado storm in Kentucky that left dozens dead and caused billions of dollars worth of damage.

Video showed someone yelling the phrase at Biden as he walked by. An NBC News reporter added that Biden was also met with a Trump flag on scene.

“Onlookers yell “Let’s Go Brandon” as Joe Biden visits Kentucky to survey tornado damage.” [Source: Daily Wire]

According to the video, people were shouting “Let’s go, Brandon” as Biden was being shown some of the tornado damage. The people shouting were most likely locals, who had no interest in seeing Joe Biden at that particular moment. A few hand-selected people met the old idiot, but I doubt it did much to relieve their worries and pain.

This is not even the first time Biden has been confronted with this chant in public. It seems whenever the man has the opportunity to interact with real Americans, they are quick to say it. Biden is far from being a popular leader—and with each passing day more Americans turn on him.

But even when Americans confront him to his face with their disgust and dissatisfaction, the man does nothing. His administration is ignoring the growing popularity of the chant, as much as they ignore the now dozens upon dozens of polls that reveal his approval is below water.

The administration is failing. That is having serious implications for the entire Democratic Party. Not to mention the fallout that is hurting the U.S. economy. Yet despite all this, Biden has not bothered to course correction his toxic agenda. He continues to push his plans, even as Americans express more and more outrage.

How many times do people have to shout “Let’s go, Brandon,” before this administration wakes up? You can’t really tell me Biden is such a man of conviction (for socialism) that he’d push his plans even when people hate them. We know that his handlers try to shield him from the real world. But, give me a break. Even Obama pulled back, after he started to lose respect.

But I guess Biden won’t learn, until Democrats are voted out for good.

Author: Timothy Graham