Even Democrats Think Biden Went Too Far On This Horrific Policy

President Biden enacted an EO restarting American taxpayer funds for abortions in other countries. In normal leftist fashion, he sanctioned this move as “women’s healthcare” and said President Donald Trump, who removed the measure, had “attacked women’s health.”

“The second executive order I’m enacting relates to defending women’s health here at home and abroad, and it restarts the alterations that were made to Title 10 and more things, making it easier for women to get access to healthcare,” Biden claimed from the Oval Office. 

Pro-lifers are hitting back against the move as out of touch with the public. 

“President Biden’s choice to remove the Mexico City Policy ignores the opinion of the public. The Mexico City Policy accepts the tradition in America of not using taxpayer funds for abortion,” Carl Anderson of the Knights of Columbus released in a statement. “Our 2021 poll found that over three-quarters of Americans agree that tax payer funds should not be used for funding abortion abroad. This super-majority includes 85% of independents, 55% of Democrats, and even 64% of pro-abortion people. These results have been found elsewhere several years, and they show that Biden’s executive action is the exact opposite of bipartisan consensus in this otherwise divisive topic.”