Even Democrats Are Sick And Tired Of Kamala’s Border Failures

Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX) criticized VP Kamala Harris for going forward with what he said was a “check in the box” visit to the southern border because she is traveling to El Paso instead of the much harder hit cities during Biden’s ongoing open border agenda and crisis.

Cuellar, who lives in Laredo, gave the Vice President credit for giving in and going to the southern border finally, but said it is not enough because she will not go to towns like McAllen or Roma and get the whole picture.

“Yesterday one of my Border Patrol buddies called me to say ‘Why is she going to El Paso? We have 140% more illegals here.’ And I could not give him an answer…Even if she visits El Paso, which is the first step, she must spend time with stakeholders, landowners and county and city officials and I hope she talks to our brave border officials., Cuellar said.

Cuellar said that Harris did not respond to his invitation to view the damage in his district.

“I’m sure her people told her to go to a place that is politically safer. ‘If you go to the Rio Grande, you are there with families and kids, and people are being let go. A flood of people crossing the border, politically it’s harder.’ But you can’t just go to one city. But she checks the box and goes to the border by visiting El Paso.”

Kamala Harris’ trip to the border was revealed after former President Trump revealed his plans to visit the border along with Republican Governor Greg Abbott next week.

“Biden and Harris were given the best Border in our history. And now, it is the worst in our history. If I were not going next week, she would not be going!” Trump said.

Author: Steven Sinclaire