Even Democrats Are Shocked At AOC’s New Conspiracy Theory

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez often appears to be living in another world with the ideas she has. But she had one idea this past week that was really mind-bending.

AOC said to the Washington Times that “many of these accusations of organized retail theft are not panning out.” “I think it is a Walgreens in California, but the data did not back it up,” she stated.

Now, AOC says this during many videos and reports of sudden smash and grabs in Dem cities across the nation, in particular a series of such criminal actions in the state of California. So, it is fantasy to deny they are happening.

GOP lawmakers blasted against AOC for denying these obvious crimes.

“Respectfully, the Representative has no idea what she is speaking about. Both the stack of video evidence and the data proves that this is a growing issue that needs solutions,” Jason Brewer, RILA senior executive VP of communications said in a message. “If she is not worried with organized theft and greater violent attacks on employees, she should just say that.”

The organized smash and grabs got deadly last month; security guard Kevin Nishita died while protecting a tv crew covering the smash and grab. A group attempted to rob the crew and shot Nishita while doing so. His death is very real. Republica Congressman Jim Banks (IN) said that AOC’s comments were “offensive and tone-deaf” to Nishita’s family.

There were 14 arrests made during 11 “flash mob” smash and grabs that were done in LA in the previous month, but LAPD police chief Michael Moore said those people are now out of custody because of the “zero-bail” agenda in California.

AOC does not want to see this as real. Because she is in favor of these radical bail reforms and allowing people to go free. But it’s one thing to say she doesn’t want to punish criminals and another to simply deny these things are happening. This is where we the Democrats are now — total denial of reality.

Author: Scott Dowdy