Even Democrats Are Ripping Into Biden For His Incompetence

A Democrat United States Senator has reported he is “furious” at the Biden White House over the government’s “inaction and delay” over efforts to help stranded Americans get out of Afghanistan.

Democrat Senator Dick Blumenthal (D-Conn.) put out a comment showing his anger this Monday.

“I am deeply frustrated, even furious, at our federal government’s inaction and delay,” stated Blumenthal, who is on the Senate’s Armed Services Committee.

“There will be a lot of time to go for accountability for these inexcusable red tape delays that stranded many of our Afghan allies. But for now, my one focus is to get these planes into the air and safely to our Doha airbase, where they were cleared to land,” he said.

“I expect the Biden Admin. and State Department to do all they can – absolutely everything – to ensure this happens,” Blumenthal ended. “These are Americans and Afghan allies who risked everything for us. We must not leave them behind.”

GOP Rep. Michael McCaul stated on “Fox News Sunday” that some Americans were being kept hostage by the Taliban outside of Kabul at an airport.

“We have six aircraft at the airport with Americans on them right now, also with these Afghan interpreters, and the Taliban is keeping them hostage and making demands right now,” McCaul said.

President Biden has been slammed by media critics on the left and right over his disastrous mismanaged withdrawal from Afghanistan. The disaster has hit Joe Biden in the approval polls, many of which reveal a deep fall in approval from Americans back at home.

On Friday GOP Rep. Markwayne Mullin from Oklahoma accused the State Dept. of ruining his mission to save American citizens from Afghanistan. He went on to report that he was in contact with Americans who were stranded inside of Afghanistan and were now desperate to come back to America.

The Biden White House has estimated that between 100 and 200 Americans who wished to get out of Afghanistan were in the Taliban-controlled country, but some are skeptical that the real count might be much higher. Either way, this is a complete disaster for Biden’s team and Democrats.

Author: Steven Sinclaire