Even Democrats are Furious After These “Biden Photos” Surface

Project Veritas has put out shocking pictures Monday from inside a facility in Texas where children are being kept — and mocked the White House as they published them, for denying journalists access to facilities.

As has been reported, President Biden and his team have blocked access to such facilities even during tours by top administration officials, even blocking officials from discussing what they saw with reporters.

On Monday, Axios published the first photos from the current wave, saying that the photos came from Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX). That apparently caused O’Keefe to release his own photos and videos, which he did through social media.

O’Keefe also taunted White House Press Secretary Jennifer Psaki, who has routinely deflected questions from reporters about when they would be allowed to go to the facilities to witness the conditions themselves.

Last week, Psaki continued to say that “We all support finding a path to grant access to journalists,” but declined to do so, even as she defended President Biden’s supposed commitment to transparency.

This Sunday, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said the media had not been allowed to enter the border facilities because of the threat of coronavirus.