Even Democrats Are Angry With Biden Over Reaction To School Shooting

There are normal excuses, and then there are big Biden excuses. Between the outright lying about issues, some of the nonsensical stuff he says have now become legendary. This Tuesday, he delivered one of his best comments in a while.

As we reported Wednesday, Biden skedaddled to Minnesota this Monday to push his already-passed-into-law, fake “infrastructure” plan. Why? His handlers know he is sinking and they are desperately trying to make it better.

Anyway, Joe was Joe and between the confusion and lies, and his trademark cognitive lapses, it all went disgustingly bad.

When asked by a journalist if he will travel to Michigan to meet with families of the students killed by a school shooter, his initial answer was: “I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it.”

After saying he spoke with Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (Mich.), Biden said:

“I think she knew someone who was there. I am not — I don’t know anyone who was injured.”

But his worst line was yet to come: “I don’t even have the information of who the families are.”

Not that Biden does not have a long history of mental gaffes, but c’mon. Joe, you have people who can find what you need to know and tell you.

And in regards to Waukesha. As we reported after the horrific anti-white domestic terrorist attack against the Waukesha parade, leaving people dead, Biden showed the same pattern. Moreover, he also made himself judge and jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse case by calling the young teenager a “white supremacist.”

Yet, since Darrell Brooks, the murderer who carried out the parade attack, is black and his victims white, Biden goes silent. Now, do you believe Biden would have went to Waukesha within 48 hours, if Brooks were white and all his targeted victims were black.

Call me cynical, but no way. The crazy hypocrisy of liberals knows no bounds in America. Not even in terrible situations such as Michigan and Waukesha.

And old Joe Biden is now in the front car in the Dem hypocrisy parade and it is a long parade with no end in sight.

Author: Blake Ambrose