Even Biden Is Surprised At This Top Democrat’s Secret Life

Things might get weird at the White House after the revelation that the sexual harassment claims against NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo have now been confirmed (as far as the investigation by the AG is concerned). Cuomo was the stalwart ally of Biden, with the president even saying he was the “gold standard” last year even with his state having the second-worst covid response to date.

But it’s another remark that Biden made that could have sealed the governor’s fate. When these sexual harassment claims first started to get traction, Biden said this.

Well, the investigation is done, and while it seems like there will be no charges since sexual harassment is a civil matter, that investigation discovered that he harassed numerous women. According to Biden, it’s time for Governor Cuomo to resign.

Biden was speaking to reporters during a presser and he said he stood by his past comment that Cuomo should resign if the investigation into his sexual misconduct found that his accusers were credible.

“I stand by this comment,” said Biden. When asked again if he believes Cuomo should resign, he simply answered, “Yes.”

I thought Biden would never get this far when he made his previous comment. At that time, it seemed like a deflection, with the president not being willing to simply take a tough stand against his ally with the full anticipation that the investigation would instead not be conclusive.

But now, the redline was crossed and Biden is left with no choice but to obfuscate. The fact that Biden had his own sexual assault accusation probably pushed him to guard Cuomo as well.

Biden cannot separate himself from Cuomo by simply throwing him under the bus even though that’s what he deserves and then some. While other Dems took a stand before, specifically in NY, Biden attempted to get both things and protect his relationship with Cuomo. The “I barely know the guy” act won’t play well when the president is forced to relive the events of today.

This ends Cuomo’s political career for no reason other than Letitia James wants his title. Regardless, we should not forget how much praise Biden gave to the governor.

Author: Blake Ambrose