Even as Schumer Pushes a Filibuster Kill, Manchin Slams the Breaks

After Democrats failed to pass Biden’s bloated, socialist spending bill, word spread that it would come back around this year. But already, the bill is getting shelved, as Chuck Schumer prepares a scheme to destroy our democracy. The Democrat is trying to get his party’s insane voting reform bill passed. This bill would federalize our elections, taking power away from the states, and make catching voter fraud impossible. It would demoralize American voters and embolden illegal immigrants and fraudsters.

But Schumer can’t pass it before he eliminates another safeguard, the Senate filibuster. This rule ensures that bills can’t get passed without at least 60 votes (to end debate). This ensures that the minority party in the Senate has a voice in major legislation. Democrats loved this rule when they were the minority. Conveniently now, they want to nuke it, so they can pass whatever garbage bill they want.

Even as Schumer ramps up talk about this move again, moderate Sen. Joe Manchin counters.

Moderate Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin told reporters Tuesday that getting behind a reform of the Senate filibuster to pass Democratic-backed election overhaul bills would be “very difficult,” indicating that he opposes the Democrats’ latest move to ram the bills through the upper chamber…

Asked by another reporter to confirm that he was open to the idea of using the nuclear option to reform the filibuster to pass the Democrats’ voting rights legislation by simple majority, Manchin was noncommittal, and indicated that it would be difficult for him to get on board. “[Being] open to a rules change that would create a nuclear option, it’s very, very difficult. It’s a heavy lift,” Manchin said. [Source: Daily Wire]

Once again, the moderate Democrat from a conservative state is walking a careful line. He knows he can’t support the radical agenda of the far left and stay in office. But he can’t openly defy his party and be branded a villain (although the likes of Bernie Sanders have already done that). So, he made it clear that he supports efforts to ensure all Americans can cast a vote.

He said, “If you’re legal, of age, and a United States citizen, you should be able to cast a vote, and it should be counted accurately.” That, of course, is something all lawmakers agree on. However, the Democrats’ voting bill would undermine those very principles, by preventing states from ensuring safe and accurate elections. Democrats want a hostile takeover of our elections, which would prevent real voters from voting and allow illegal aliens and others to cheat.

We all know that’s the truth, yet Democrats pretend their bill will help minorities to get to the polls. This, even though it is already illegal for anyone to stop an American from voting, and numerous other measures in state law help the poor, black folks, and everyone else vote.

Manchin’s comments suggest he is unwilling to slam on the gas to get the filibuster killed. He said that it was a “nuclear option” and was “very, very difficult.” It seems he will not be willing to cast his vote to remove this rule. He insisted that two-thirds of the Senate should be involved before major changes are made. Perhaps Schumer’s scheme will be thwarted again.

Author: Alvin Jones