Epstein-Connected Trial Nears Close — These Names Are Soon To Be Revealed

A verdict in the Ghislane Maxwell’s NY City federal sex trafficking trial is now expected by Wednesday this week, with closing arguments scheduled for early in the week. The federal trial is now happening and will break for Christmas before the week ends, with jurors less likely to allow the trial to stay unresolved before stopping the session.

A source reportedly close to Maxwell and the heiress’ legal defense team, and her connection to Epstein is predicting that she will start to identify people who were connected to Epstein’s pedophile ring if she is convicted. The Daily Mail spoke about the possible legal development this week.

“It is possible she will start to co-operate and reveal the information she has in an attempt to lower her jail term. We understand that prosecutors are seeking other co-conspirators in relation with Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex ring. Maxwell undoubtedly has information which could help prosecutors in other cases. If she wants to co-operate, her testimony might be devastating. She was in fact Epstein’s right-hand person, and some say his handler, imagine what information she knows?”

The anonymous source has shown that such a development “might be bad news for the U.K.’s Prince Andrew and other famous men who were around Ghislaine and Jeffrey Epstein.”

Maxwell might face a large sentence that would mean life in prison, a factor that could amount to possible cooperation with prosecutors and new details about Epstein’s operations. Maxwell could face conviction on any of the potential sex trafficking charges she is facing, with a wide range of possible punishments depending on the ending verdict.

Maxwell’s attorneys have said that the British socialite is now being punished as a replacement for Epstein himself, who died in strange circumstances in a New York jail back in 2019.

The trial has been closely watched by the American public yet highly ignored by the mainstream media. With many internet memes circulating about the case being censored by the powers that be. On the other hand, the chances for the case to be used to falsely attack people in American politics is high, and any revelations should be taken with a grain of salt without any evidence.

Author: Blake Ambrose