Elon Musk Warns About Possible Incoming Energy Shortage, Thanks To Biden

Entrepreneur Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, said this week that Europe must immediately restart their nuclear power plants because of increasing energy prices from the Russian-Ukraine war.

“Hopefully, it’s now very obvious that the EU should restart their nuclear power plants and boost their power output. This is *crucial* to national and global security,” Musk said. “Also nuclear is much better for global warming than using hydrocarbons.”

“For people who (mistakenly) believe there is a risk of radiation, pick what you believe is the worst location,” Musk said. “I will go there & eat locally grown food on video. I did this when I was in Japan some years ago, right after Fukushima happened. Radiation risk is much less than what most people believe.”

Musk said late last week that he would support boosting domestic gas and oil drilling to offset the energy issues that America is facing because of policies from the Biden White House and the war happening in Europe.

“Hate to say this, but we must increase gas and oil output immediately. Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures,” Musk said. “Obviously, this would harm Tesla, but sustainable energy cannot simply instantaneously react to make up for the Russian gas exports.”

Musk’s comments comes as energy prices were a problem under Dem President Joe Biden, and there was widespread support to removing United States imports of Russian oil after Russian President Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine.

“A bipartisan majority of Americans believe the United States should stop purchasing Russian oil,” Reuters said. “Around 80% of Americans – including most GOP members and Dems – support the measure.”

The WSJ reported that the United States imported around 672,000 barrels of oil per day from Russia and that during Joe Biden’s first year in the White House “U.S. imports of Russian oil hit the highest levels in around a decade.”

When asked this week about about buying Russian oil and if it was effectively “paying for the war” in Europe, Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki attempted to downplay it, saying, “it’s only around 10 percent of what we are importing.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire