Electoral Battle Heats Up: Congressmen Join Forces With Trump

Credit: WhiteHouse.gov

It’s never been a secret that millions of Americans knew the election was rigged from the start. Did you ever wonder why Joe Biden never bothered to campaign? Or why the DNC put on such a pathetic, uninspiring convention? It’s because for months they were planning on using mail-ballots to commit massive fraud.

Yeah, I said it. Let Facebook ban me if they want. But you know full well it’s true—and so do millions of Americans. Only the MSM has denied this reality and have been pushing their narrative since November 4, demanding we simply obey. The establishment swamp (including some Republicans) has ignored the widespread reports and damning evidence of fraud from numerous swing states, hoping we’d just give up and forget about it.

But as the weeks marched on, Americans only got more outraged. They not only contributed hundreds of millions to Trump’s legal battle, but they have voiced their concerns with their representatives and lawmakers.

That has produced real change. A dozen senators have joined the fight. And now, over 50 congressmen have discussed battle plans with Trump and the White House.

As many as 50 House Republicans discussed with the White House and President Trump contesting the election results in Congress this week while the president’s legal team also briefed state legislators in key states…

“In my judgment, the primary reason so many congressmen and senators are now coming forward to fight this fight is because so many American citizens have made it known that this fight is critical to America’s future,” Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., one of the organizers of the call, told Fox News. He also tweeted about the meeting…

“The momentum to fight against voter fraud and election theft is rapidly gaining,” he added. “And as a consequence, the numbers that we had who were supportive yesterday are almost always supplemented by reinforcements today and the next day.” [Source: Just the News]

In addition to this meeting, a six-person team led by Rudy Giuliani briefed hundreds of state legislatures on the evidence they have gathered over election “irregularities” (a term which is a safe way of saying “fraud”).

State legislatures were coerced into certifying the bogus results of the election. But a growing sentiment suggests that many legislatures will vote to de-certify results tainted by fraud. That will deny Congress the chance to railroad a process that gives Biden the victory—by eliminating electoral votes deemed inaccurate.

But how this will all shake out is too early to call. It’s clear this war is not over and the biggest battle will be fought this week on Capitol Hill. Don’t be surprised to learn of shocking and rapidly-developing news in the coming days.

You thought 2021 would be calm? You weren’t paying attention!