Election Audit Leader Announces The End Of Biden’s Reign

Election audits of the presidential election are pushing on despite continued efforts by liberals to stop the process.

“We have gone from 20 counting spots to 46 on this floor,” said audit leader Ken Bennett. “Maybe in the next day we will have a full staff and then, if we reach three shifts, we will triple our speed.”

During the interview, Bennett stated he would not share information about what they are finding… until the audit is done. He said that keeping the information secure is their top priority as the audit goes forward.

They are going through the ballots and analyzing them for problems like being marked by a Xerox copier.

Bennett said even though some mainstream journalists are trying to intimidate the counters by taking pictures of their license plates, they won’t stop until the recount is done.

Meanwhile, another audit is going on in a small New Hampshire city. State leaders are working to choose how to process the election audit after the revelations of what is called the “Windham incident.”

Selectman Bruce Breton revealed New Hampshire’s selection of Mark Lindeman as election leader is risky because he criticized an election audit in Arizona. Breton is instead backing Jovan Pulitzer who has been vocal against election fraud.

The Windham government will meet this week to discuss the vote for the leader of their audit. As liberals on the committee are expected to vote for Lindeman, Breton is pushing residents to attend the meeting.

Author: Steven Sinclaire