Durham Reveals His Jaw-Dropping Discovery On Clinton-Linked Computer

The CIA, according to Special Counsel John Durham, concluded that data provided by former Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann on alleged links between Trump’s company and Russia was “user generated” rather than “technically credible.”

David Sussman, a Dem lawyer with ties to the Clintons’ 2016 election campaign, was charged by John Durham last year for lying to the F.B.I. during a 2016 meeting. In April, a judge ruled that the case will continue despite Sussman’s motion to dismiss it.

The CIA, according to Durham’s latest court document, “concluded in 2017 that this data did not withstand technical analysis.”

According to the court records, “[t]he CIA ultimately concluded in the year 2017 that the Russian Bank and Phone Provider data was not ‘technically possible,’ and did not ‘make it through technical investigation,’” “contained gaps,” and was “user-manufactured and not tool generated.”

Durham said the Special Counsel’s office had not yet “achieved a conclusion on this issue,” while he claimed in the court document that the evidence demonstrating that agencies had taken steps to investigate was essential to establishing materiality.

“At a minimum, the government anticipates producing evidence at trial to show (i) that the FBI and Agency-2 determined that the Russian Bank-1 accusations were baseless and unverified, and (ii) the major grounds for these judgments, such as the particular analytical steps taken by these agencies.” Durham stated.

The Friday evening response to Sussmann’s defense addressed the issue of what evidence would be permitted in the case.

According to Business Insider, Durham has accused Sussmann of lying “about the capacity in which he was providing” his claims to the FBI. Sussmann claimed that Trump’s organization and a Russian bank – called Alfa Bank – had a “secret communications operations,” according to previous reports, and it accuses Sussmann of lying to the FBI about who he was working for.

Durham’s Friday motion also goes into detail regarding Sussmann’s connection to Christopher Steele, a former British Intelligence officer who wrote the now-debunked anti-Trump dossier, according to Fox News.

According to Fox News, Durham said the two met at the Perkins Coie offices in 2016 to discuss possible ties to Russia. According to the court filing, Sussmann “acted as a representative and employee of the Clinton campaign throughout its opposition research efforts.”

According to Durham, Sussmann attempted to “integrate” Alfa Bank accusations into his opposition research efforts, as Fox News reports.

Author: Blake Ambrose