Drug Cartels Caught Literally Invading America And Where Is Biden?

Despite the fact that everyone’s attention is focused on the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict, Mexican drug cartels are working hard to erode US sovereignty.

According to a Judicial Watch study, drug cartels launched over 9,000 drone attacks into US air space in 2021.

Judicial Watch was able to connect with a high-ranking Homeland Security official and numerous federal authorities in the CBP Grande Valley area in Texas. Furthermore, Tyler Durden from Zerohedge reported that Judicial Watch submitted an FOIA request with CBP to investigate drug cartels’ use of drones to spy on government officials from the federal, state, county, and city levels in order to do hostile acts along the southern border.

CBP officials stated to Judicial Watch that cartels are utilizing drones for surveillance in order to carry out drug and human smuggling operations into the United States. According to CBP authorities, drones can be purchased on the Internet or from big box stores with ease. Drones are being used to detect breaches in border security as well as diversions in some areas to distract CBP personnel while smugglers transport important goods across the border.

Brandon Judd, the president of the union who represents 20,000 CBP agents, claims the drones are also dropping “fentanyl” packages within the United States.

“They fly into certain regions and drop them to the ground, where fentanyl is removed from them and they take off again into Mexico,” Judd said.

It’s true that some of the drones are “toy grade,” as Judd put it. They can be obtained just about anywhere, according to him. Yes, they aren’t “military-grade” or “top-of-the-line.”

The United States should be concerned about the ‘mexican drug cartel drones,’ because they are capable of entering US air space. This is a genuine national security problem, not what is going on in Ukraine.

There have been prior allegations that cartels like the Jalisco New Generation Cartel used drone attacks to eliminate rivals and expand their influence in Mexico.

If the United States maintains open borders and adopts weak law enforcement standards like defunding the police, drug cartel violence will spread across Mexico and provide a fresh set of challenges on the American side. When it comes to national security, there’s a point when political leaders must start placing a higher value on real homeland security than on the protection of countries thousands of miles away. The United States has a failed state at its border, and it needs to re-prioritize its national security objectives in order to face that fact.

Author: Scott Dowdy