Donald Trump Announces Huge Plans For Jan 6 Commemoration

Former President Trump will have a press conference from his Florida Mar-a-Lago mansion on January 6, he said this Tuesday.

Trump’s conference comes on the one-year anniversary of the pro-MAGA protest at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2020. Trump’s event will possibly clash with President Joe Biden’s White House, which has also unveiled to commemorate the January 6 protest and so-called riots in another event.

Biden has routinely said the attack was one of the “darkest days” in the history of America. The attack has been thrust back to the forefront because of the impending anniversary and new revelations that various Fox News TV hosts had urged Donald Trump via text messages to condemn the so-called riot on the day it happened.

Fox News hosts, including Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, sent the impassioned text messages to then-Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, who’s short cooperation with the January 6th committee investigating the January 6th protests resulted in these messages being made public.

His texts also show that Donald Trump Jr. pushed his father to denounce the riots.

“He has got to condemn this shit right away. The Capitol Police tweet isn’t enough,” Trump Jr. said. “We need a fast Oval office address. He must lead now. This is too far and is out of hand.”

This comes at a time when Joe Biden and his administration have continued to use the Jan. 6th protest as their excuse to target white Americans as “white nationalist terrorists.” With his FBI using anti-terrorism tools to go after white parents who are against anti-white propaganda being forced onto children. Meanwhile, antifa and BLM are aloud to commit acts of violence without any such tools or procedures being used.

It’s clear to anyone watching that Biden and the Democratic leadership are hell-bent on getting revenge against Trump-supporting conservatives. Their hatred is without limits for anyone who ever put on a red MAGA cap and they won’t stop until those people are ruined. What is happening in America is exactly like something you would see in a dictatorship or third-world nation.

Author: Scott Dowdy