Don Jr. Reveals The Truth About Who’s To Blame For Coronavirus

Trump Jr. has said during an interview on a podcast that Dr. Fauci is not the only person in Washington who is responsible for causing the coronavirus pandemic to be worse than it had to be.

“So the liberal news outlets dismissed hydroxychloroquine, there is a study that just came out, that said it could increase survival rates by up to 200%. They dismissed it, just due to the fact that your dad was telling people it could possibly be something that would help people., Lisa Boothe, the podcast host, said. “Look at the valuable time we lost… all the evidence is possibly getting destroyed by China now, because your father had said it could come, it might have come from a Chinese lab.”

Boothe stated that the media’s role in ignoring certain theories about coronavirus or possible treatments can be lost in the discussion about what happened in the 2020 election.

“Based on those reactions…the media also has blood on their hands. There is no question about it., Trump Jr. said.

“I mean, they brought this with their desperate attempt to hurt Trump. They ignored things that possibly were right. And it was not only Trump saying this stuff, right? He was hopeful it would work., Trump Jr. continued. “Why would you attack a president for hoping something could work? They understood they could weaponize a crisis for their political goals.”

Trump Jr. added he thinks the media was excited by a “possible viral outbreak because they could use it to harm Trump when the economy was doing well.”

Fauci’s public reputation has taken numerous hits recently after the release of his emails from the start of the covid pandemic. With new criticisms being waged against him, Fauci responded that attacks against him were really attacks against science.

“These are sometimes inconvenient facts and I got some push back against myself personally. So if you are attempting to get at me as a scientist and a health official, you are really attacking not only me, you are attacking science itself., he said to NBC last week.

Author: Blake Ambrose