DNC Official Stuns After Taking Sides With Republicans

James Custer, Pennsylvania Sheriff, says he’s done with the Democrats. Thanks to their socialist agenda and lockdowns and. Saying that the national level party had a socialist agenda. And he had been considering the switch for months. Starting when the pandemic started. Now he is leaving the Dems to become a Republican.

Custer also said the mandates from the Democratic leaders are unconstitutional. Stating it was his duty as sheriff to serve and uphold the Constitution and to protect it from anyone and everyone.

He went on to suggest that the defund the police movement was also a factor of his party change. Saying after 30 years of being in law enforcement, he felt betrayed.

The sheriff also issued gratitude to his huge support base that loved his party switch to Democrats. Declaring that he was among 40 sheriffs in Pennsylvania who now endorse Trump.

While Joe Biden has gone against the defund the police movement. Not because he supports police, but because he says that platform led to Democratic candidates losing much support in the elections.