Disturbing Video Reveals Black Terrorism Being Planned, FBI Speechless

We’ve learned a lot more about the individual who, according to reports, donned a gas mask, produced a smoke grenade, and began shooting people in a NY City subway this week.

His name was Frank R. James, and it appears that his political beliefs were at the heart of the incident. He had been previously recognized to the FBI, yet he was “cleared” in 2019 of posing a threat. Shock of all shocks, officials are once again pretending that the reason for this attack is a total mystery.

To summarize, recall that the Waukesha murderer, who rammed his vehicle into a Christmas procession, killing six people, including a child, was also an angry and outspoken black nationalist and anti-white bigot who had threatened to kill white people. To this day, we have yet to receive any official explanation as to why he did it.

The FBI’s actions in this case, and many others, prove that they hate labeling offenses that may be inconvenient to the left. After all, this is the same FBI that labeled the 2017 Congressional baseball shooting as a “suicide by cop” until they were compelled to alter it almost five years later.

But there’s no doubt that James was driven by his radical political and racial ideas. Another video has surfaced, in which he discusses white and black people needing to be separated while claiming that white people are “angry” because black people are no longer slaves.

I’ve never been angry that black people are not enslaved anymore. That narrative, on the other hand, is truly popular among not just far-left extremists but also Democratic politicians. Recall that it was Joe Biden who accused then-Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney back in 2012 of being so enraged that he wanted to re-enslave blacks.

Is it any surprise that some lunatics took the message to heart when one side of the aisle constantly tells a certain group of people that they are oppressed, victimized, and being kept down by literal nazis? The Democrats clearly want to increase anti-white hatred in America. And when that hatred leads to a multiple death terrorist attack, they do everything they can to memory-hole it.

Author: Scott Dowdy