‘Detective’ Pelosi Has New Partner That’s (Almost) As Bad As She Is

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi late this week named Wyoming GOP member Liz Cheney to her new select committee to investigate the January 6th Capitol protest, making her the only Republican appointee among Pelosi’s eight lawmakers.

“We are very proud and honored that she will be on the committee,” Pelosi said on Thursday in announcing the Cheney appointment.

Cheney, who is already ousted from Republican House leadership for blaming Trump for causing the attack which happened during the protest, joined with Democrats on Wednesday to vote for creating the committee along with Congressman Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill.

Cheney stated that the committee is the only way left to thoroughly investigate the “unprecedented attack against Congress.” GOP leadership has slammed the committee as being nothing but a partisan ploy, and Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy has threatened to remove Republicans of their assignments if they say yes to any invitation from Pelosi to join the panel.

Undeterred, Cheney said she is “honored” to be on the committee, and her promise to the constitution and to rule of law “should always be above party politics.”

“What occurred at the Capitol on Jan. 6th must never happen again,” Cheney said. “The people who are responsible for it need to be kept accountable and we will get that outcome in a non-partisan and fast way.”

Pelosi revealed her eight choices for the 13-member committee Thursday at her Capitol news conference.

The chairman will be Congressman Bennie Thompson, who is the current chair of the Homeland Security Committee. Other Dem. members will be Congressmembers Zoe Lofgren, who is the chairman of the Administration Committee, Adam Schiff, who is the chairman of the Intel. Committee, and Congressmember Pete Aguilar from California, Stephanie Murphy from Florida, Elaine Luria from Virginia and Raskin from Maryland.

Cheney later joined the Dem. members at the Capitol and showed confidence in the work they had before them. “It will be thorough and professional, it will be non-partisan,” she said. “I believe we will all come together.”

Author: Scott Dowdy