DeSantis Takes The Fight For 2A All The Way To The Church House

It’s a sad reality, but in this day-and-age, nowhere is safe from violent criminals. In fact, place that were once considered sacred and “off limits” are now often the first place would-be killers go.

It’s an open secret that criminals, including shooters, seek out locations where they know people will be defenseless. That’s why you often see shooters attack schools, concerts, and large gatherings. In most of these places, attendees are not allowed to carry weapons.

Obviously, “gun-free zones” do not prevent shootings. They, in reality, encourage killers to engage, since they know their victims are defenseless.

That’s particularly true of churches and houses of worship, which have been the target of high-profile attacks in recent years.

At least one state is fighting back. Gov. Ron DeSantis just signed a bill to ensure Florida churches are secure.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed legislation Tuesday allowing worshipers with concealed permits to carry firearms on their persons for church, synagogue, and mosque defense…

The bill, HB 259, applies to concealed carry permit holders and it took effect immediately upon being signed…

ABC 7 noted the HB 259 also covers churches and other places of worship that have schools. Until now, there has been a prohibition on carry at such churches and/or places of worship because of the school grounds. [Source: Breitbart]

This bill allows Florida residents with conceal carry permits to arm themselves while attending a religious service. The goal is obvious, to provide houses of worship a line of defense, should the worse happen.

In recent years, would-be shooters have targeted churches and synagogues, safe in the knowledge that there was no one who could shoot back. But with bill, anyone foolish or crazy enough to attack a church in Florida now has to realize, some congregants will be packing.

That alone will discourage attacks. But should a criminal try to attack a place of worship, they will have to contend with a good guy with a gun.

Democrats from the state are already criticizing the bill. They falsely claim that no mass shooting has ever been stopped by a “good guy.” That’s a blatant lie. For one thing, in recent mass shootings, there was no good guy with a gun. In most cases where a law-abiding citizen was armed and could shoot back, the event never escalates into a mass shooting. Thus, proving that when you have armed citizens, criminals quickly fail.

Perhaps Democrats don’t want church goers to arm themselves, because they like them to be weak and defenseless?

After all, these are the same politicians that tried to destroy America’s religious institutions during the lockdowns. In some cities, they actually raided churches with SWAT when they didn’t comply with unconstitutional orders.

Maybe, just maybe, Democrats liked having power over churches? But knowing there will be armed folks inside, it gives churches power over the government?

And that’s the last thing Democrats ever wanted.

Author: Tim Smith