DeSantis Sends a Message To Illegals That They Will Never Forget

With Joe Biden in the White House, Americans who love their country will have to look elsewhere for leadership. D.C., for now, has resorted to being the crooked swamp that puts politicians and special interest groups ahead of Americans. The Biden administration will do everything in its power to push radical and toxic policies onto Americans.

It’s up to strong, conservative leaders at the state level to defend our liberties, uphold our values, and even protect our laws.

One of Biden’s biggest failures so far has been to protect our Southern border. It’s clear his administration has no intention of curtailing illegal immigration. Thousands, perhaps millions, of illegals will flood our country in the coming years. These people will take away jobs from Americans, hurting opportunity and dragging down wages.

States have the power to stop this, by enforcing immigration and labor laws. One simple measure can ensure illegals don’t work in a state: E-Verify. Many Democrat-run states do not use this system to verify an employee’s citizenship. But in the sunny state of California, the governor is making it clear they do.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has hung signs on all the major interstate highways entering Florida informing everyone traveling by road into the state that the Sunshine State has implemented E-Verify, a background check system for employers to see if prospective hires are in fact legally authorized to work in the United States.

The signs, DeSantis’s office told Breitbart News, are now visible on all three main interstate gateways into Florida along I-10, I-95, and I-75. The signs come after Florida’s legislature last year passed E-Verify measures which DeSantis signed into law last summer. [Source: Breitbart]

Florida recently passed legislation that requires businesses to use E-Verify. This program ensures that, if you want to work in Florida, you have to prove you’re in the country legally.

Numerous states use E-Verify. You can assume that deeply blue states have opposed using this system to verify employees. All things considered, this process isn’t very difficult to implement and can protect employers, employees, and any American citizen (or legal immigrant) who wants a job.

So, why aren’t all states using this system? It is a government program that costs little to use.

We know why some states aren’t. For all their claims about putting Americans first and helping protect our country, many states bow to corrupt businesses that thrive on using illegal labor. Many states (including some conservative ones) don’t want E-Verify, because their businesses will lose thousands of employees who work for slave wages.

States are too cowardly to pass laws requiring E-Verify, because they fear companies packing up and moving. Or, they are in the pockets of big businesses who simply order law makers what to pass or not to pass.

It’s sad and pathetic, but that’s how many states operate.

At least in Florida, residents can rest assured that the state will not reward illegal aliens. This move will prevent illegals from taking jobs and discourage them from flocking to FL once they get over the border.

Which means, more illegals will be headed to states with no E-Verify.

Do you live in one of those states?

Author: Mac Ablesmith