DeSantis Says Biden Was Behind These Florida Murders

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis blamed Biden’s open border policies for a grisly double murder in Daytona Beach on Wednesday.

Jean R. Macean, a Haitian national and illegal immigrant who is now in custody, allegedly stabbed Brenda Aultman, 55, and Terry Aultman, 48, to death while they were riding their bikes on March 6th according to a report from Daytona Beach News-Journal. According to another article by the news organization, Macean was arrested in 2019 on drug charges that were subsequently dropped.

“The Biden White House’s risky immigration policies and the 9th Circuit State Attorney’s Office’s (Orange and Osceola counties) soft on crime policies have all resulted in needless deaths of Florida residents,” DeSantis’ official statement read. “On March 10, 2022, a guy named Jean R. Macean, a citizen of Haiti and an illegal immigrant, was arrested for the murders of Terry and Brenda Aultman and charged with two counts of first-degree murder. Under former State Attorney Aramis Ayala, charges against Macean were inexplicably dismissed in Orange County prior to the homicides.”

“Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young referred to these murders as ‘one of the most vicious assaults I’ve ever seen in my 20 years,’’ DeSantis Said. In reference to Biden’s “reckless open border policies.” He continued: “These plans are deadly, and we also need answers as to why the state attorney’s office chose not to pursue charges against the defendant,” DeSantis said.

“The Aultmans were victims of an illegal immigrant who were here because of open border policies that are failing our people. Last year, the Biden White House announced a new Temporary Protected Status designation for Haiti, which reversed the previous administration’s policy. The policy allowed Macean to remain in the United States.”

DeSantis has been an advocate for immigration reform, telling Fox News host Tucker Carlson in 2021 that he thinks protecting the border, eliminating sanctuary cities, and establishing E-Verify are three items he would do if elected president.

Corbin Wagner, 25, was murdered by an illegal who was driving with no driver’s license and while under the influence previously this year. A Jacksonville father was also allegedly slain by a 24-year-old illegal who stabbed him to death in October, according to Just The News.

Author: Blake Ambrose